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The creative way of discovering all about you and your spectrum of autism.

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers

January 2019


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Know Your Spectrum of Executive Functioning


Know Your Spectrum of Sensory Things


Know Your Spectrum of Processing Differences


Know Your Spectrum of Theory Of Mind


Know Your Spectrum of Social Communication


Know Your Spectrum of Shutdowns and Meltdowns


Know Your Spectrum of Self-Regulation, Routines and Interests.

Available January 21st 2019

Our Aim

Inspire and educate through developing self-awareness of ourselves as autistic people.

To begin to learn skills of self-advocacy so we can express our needs and desires.

With a greater awareness of our strengths and challenges we can learn and grow in confidence.

Begin to build friendships and connections through discovering our autism.

Have the opportunity to explore our creativity!




“I wrote Know Your Spectrum because I grew up with undiagnosed autism and that made understanding everything about me and my life pretty difficult to figure out. I think it is really important that we are aware of what makes us who we are. Finding out about autism helped me to understand and accept who I am. I hope you find everything you need to understand autism and who you are.”

– Finn Monahan

A Lifetime of learning

Chapters of Fun Activities


More than 1 in 100 people are autistic

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January 2019