Best Books about autism

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Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism

Edited by Barb Cook


The best book to find out everything you need to know about autistic females. It covers a wide range of key topics that will help to illuminate issues that you may have wondered about but never found the answers. Based on the real-life experiences of 16 autistic women it is interesting, informative and beautifully written. For teenagers to adults.


Category: Autistic women


Women from Another Planet?: Our Lives in the Universe of Autism

Edited by Jean Kearns Miller 

A book full of poems, thoughts and personal insights that give an intimate view of autism and the female voices that tell the stories inside. The excerpts cover stories from childhood, through school and employment with poems interwoven throughout. The emotions are tangible, a very relatable book. For teenagers and adults.


Category: Autistic women

All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

by Kathy Hoopman


A picture book with short statements that help to explain autism in very simple terms. Great for all ages to help develop awareness of autism and a good way of starting discussions following a diagnosis. A fun and enjoyable read!


Category: Explaining autism to kids/teenagers


Dude, I’m An Aspie!

Kids’ Edition by Matt Friedman


This is a great introduction to what autism is with simple pictures to bring the topics to life. It is short but very effective at giving a brief overview of autism. A positive way to open up a conversation about autism with your child. Suitable for approximately ages 7 – 16.


Category: Explaining autism to kids/teenagers